What's happening with the Refer-a-Friend platform?

From the 8th of September, we will no longer be using Ambassador as our referral platform. You let us know that the referral process wasn't as seamless as you expected and we listened. So, we've built a referral system that you’ll be able to access through your mysolarZero dashboard from the 9th of September.

The next time you log in after the 9th you'll be able to collect your new unique code and URL that you can share with your friends and whanau to refer them to solarZero, and earn a $1000 cash reward for each friend who goes onto install solarZero.

And later this year, you'll be able to track every referral and stay in the loop with their progress direct from the Refer-a-Friend page on your mysolarZero dashboard.

Will my unique sharing link still work?

From the 8th of September, your current Refer-a-Friend link will no longer work to refer new people to solarZero. You’ll be able to collect a new refer-a-friend code and URL from the mysolarZero dashboard from the 9th to share with friends and whanau.

I have referrals in progress, what happens to them? 

If you had any referrals in progress, don't worry your friend’s details have been migrated over to the new system and if they go on to install solarZero on their home you’ll still collect your reward. If you have any questions or want to check in on the status feel free to contact our customer care team for more information.

To help keep you up to date with your referrals, we will be launching a live tracking system to your mysolarZero dashboard later this year.

What’s coming?

Soon we will have all of your referrals available to track throughout their journey right within your mysolarZero dashboard. This will also include any historic referrals. 


Make receiving money even easier: 

Will will also be introducing a simple payout process through Stripe, our trusted provider, to make sure that receiving your refer-a-friend payment is as seamless and swift as possible.

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