Meet the team: Georgia Campbell

Georgia Campbell is one of the newest additions to the solarZero team taking on the role of Digital Product Owner. She joined early 2021 and worked her first few months remotely in Australia before moving to New Zealand – just weeks before the travel bubble opened.

Before she saw the ad for the position, however, she wasn’t keen on moving back. Looking through job listings, trying to prove to her partner that there wasn’t anything here for her, she saw the job at solarZero and quickly realised it was actually the perfect job. In fact, it was the only job she applied for.

We recently sat down to chat about how she came to be at solarZero, and her experiences with the company so far.

What is it that you do?

My position is ‘Digital Product Owner’ and my job is to assist in the planning and decision making for technical solutions. A lot of this includes understanding the impact that technology will have on the customer as well as the different stakeholders in the business.

Part of my role is also making sure by the time the development team start working, we’ve really thought through the different aspects of the business and the impact we may have on all the teams around us – and trying to do that as quickly as possible.

Of course, the ultimate goal is delivering something that aligns with business needs and is user friendly so we can work smarter and deliver a strong customer experience.

What drew you to work at solarZero?

Definitely the renewables aspect of it. I had always wanted to work in agricultural technology or regenerative business, it’s been an interest of mine for a long time. So when I saw the job ad for solarZero I definitely had a moment of ‘oh my god, it’s perfect’. It actually ended up being the only job I applied for before moving back.

What makes working at solarZero exciting?

The business is trying to achieve a lot, which means a lot of different conversations and each team tends to have their own priorities, which we then have to prioritize on our end so we can deliver the right solution.

solarZero is also really innovative. What we’re offering is very new, so we’re constantly testing and improving the product so that it works better for our customers. For example, one of the projects I’m working on right now (without giving too much away) is improving how we deliver savings to our customers. It’s a new concept for the New Zealand energy market and we think it will have a really positive impact on our customer’s savings and how we can make the solarZero energy service work harder for them. So that’s very exciting.

Is it very different from your previous roles?

In my previous roles, I tended to focus more on delivering tech for one group. In one of my previous roles, for example, I focused solely on delivering tech for the customer, and then in another role the focus was more on internal business and systems, rather than the consumer.

But at solarZero I’m doing work that thinks about both the customer and the internal staff, systems and processes – so covering all bases. So, I’m very often wearing two hats. For every piece of technology I work on I have quite different stakeholders, but this means I get to spend time understanding the different areas of the business which is nice. 

Did you always want to be a digital product owner?

Actually no! I moved to London as a full-time songwriter which I did for several years. At the same time, I fell into working with a tech startup in the sales team, migrated over into product and just really loved it. The company itself had quite a big market, and they needed people who really understood their customer. Having been in the sales team I had that knowledge, so it was quite a natural transition over to product.

Once I made the transition it was just a case of learning the technical piece. The concepts and structure made a lot of sense for me, and then it was just a case of learning all the intricate parts afterwards.

We would normally ask if you had any advice for anyone who wanted to get into the same line of work. Seeing as you fell into it rather than actively pursued it as a career, do you have any tips?

My main advice would be to work for a company that you care about. The transition between sales and product is quite organic and happens for a lot of product owners. So, if you’re working for a company you care about and are interested in making the transition, I’d say just go for it. 

Back to solarZero – what’s your favourite thing about the solarZero service?

I like that we’re focusing on making solar technology accessible for everyone. When you think about renewables, access is one of the biggest problems that we have – it’s a very high cost. So I like working for a business that is focused on everyone, not just the top 10%. That’s the best part of the service in my mind.

And, do you have any sustainability or energy-saving tips you’d like to share.

I do think the small things can go a long way. Just simple things like turning off lights and keeping the garage door closed so you don’t need to blast the heater to keep warm!  To be fair, I’m definitely the energy regulator in my home. I walk around the house closing doors and turning off lights. It’s a full-time job.

Interested in joining the solarZero team? Keep an eye out for new job listings here.